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"If my heart were still alive, i'm sure it would surely break...." You said it Dave.

I think im broken.

really.  like Rocky in the 10th round before he get's his speech from the penguin..  ok, I'm mixing metaphors here, but you know the scene.  he's beaten, broken, covered in his own blood, and just..... Done.  You know that if it were anyone but Rocky, that'd be the end.   and maybe it is.   I'm waiting.. but there' s no Burgis meridith to rally me, and even if there were..  at this point?  Fuck it. 

whats the line?  the only second chances we get are to make the same mistakes over again? 

i prefer "the only lesson i learn is that i don't learn my lesson"

how great is this.,. it goes from Megadeth to Bootsy and the JB's.    "McLovin Funk" eh?  kind of true though.. most of my romance is of the quickly disposable variety.. hmm.. Winamp, oh how you know me.

where's the third act going to turn?  i swear to god if all this lasts until Febauary ,  i'm going to be screaming to get out of bed everyday.

let's see if i can make this plain.

In halet, there were three witches.  in mythology there's often the three fates.  three who are one.  damn if that ain't true.  a maiden, a mother, and a crone.  hmmmm.  who's who though.. who is the new and sparklely, full of joy and kindness?  who's the peer, the experienced, but foolish one to stare me in the eye?  and oh yes, who's the experienced, weathered and cynical, there to show me what could have been, and flaunt my wasted youth?

and as i end this, it plays another one.  mildly prophetic...  let me quote the first line, shall i?  no.. i think not..  if anyone wants to know, just look it up on Google or something.

the quickest way to one's heart is straight through the chest wall, yeah?

Peace 3<
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