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philly_3's Journal

We need to vent
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LiveJournal is a funny thing. Given the name, one would gather that LiveJournal is an actual journal of sorts..maybe even a diary. Essentially, it should be a place where you felt free to rant and rave when needed, right? Perhaps some of us use it in that regard, but for the most part LiveJournal is a "get to know ya" kind of thing with friends lists and LJ meet-ups and blab blab blab. Our community isn't complaining about that, in fact, we use those things just as much as everyone else does. Sometimes though, we need to vent. Sometimes we need to yell and scream at someone but while we don't necessarily want that "someone" to know about it we do need someone, anyone, to hear it. That's why we're here.

We're here to let you write that scathing letter to an ex-boyfriend that you don't intend to send. We're here to let you tell the girl you've been pining over for the past 39 years how deep your love really is, yet you are too much of a pansy to actually tell her to her face. We're not here to give you advice or to make things better. We're only here to read and give support through our silence and confusion. We can be your dirty little secret. We can be your best friend. Either way, you'll need us.

Maybe we're the only ones who will understand this community, but on the off chance someone out there needs this kind of outlet, by all means... You have the floor.

Sam sends her love,
froggytwang and plasticpenguin

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