Shebly E. Disaster (shelby_disaster) wrote in philly_3,
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peope at work make me so bloody mad....

ok, so i was at work, it's hectic, it's busy, i am working my tail off to keep up, and one of my bosses (yes, i have many) comes in and starts to jump down my throat aobut some paperwork he needs, and can't hold on for 30 seconds so i can do it. he is not even really one of my bosses, i never work with him, but he's there for some reason today, and needs this paper, and he's all mad that it wasn't done before he came in my door, and is just trying to make me look stupid becuase i don't have it done. so i complain. to my boss, who tells his boss, who goes to this other guy, and gets on his case, but he plays it off like he's just joking. i am pissed.. next time, i am leaving.. i'm just going to get up from my desk, sit him down, and say that if he can do my job, then i don't have to. bastards.. bastards bastards bastards!
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