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What do you do when you get lonely, and no one's waiting by your side?

that unplugged album is kinda turning to shit, the more i get into clapton..  then again, i've all but given him up for JJ Cale anyway, but that's neither here nor there.. 

i just heard that line play, and for some reason, (IE, im sauced out of my brain) it hit me kinda hard.

Young william has no taste in music.  he just likes music.,  any music.  in some ways, that seriously bothers me, in others, im so fucking jealous that it kills me.  that said, the shotgun that is his play list used to spit out some gems once in a while.  one was this stones song that i had never heard before, and couldnt find on any of my albums.  he had no idea, and his title on his list was wrong, so i could never find it.  finally one day, i tracked it down, bought the album, and walked home estatic.  until i played the album.. everything else on the album sucked.  only this song is any good. 

so i put the record on my shelf, got the MP3 from William, and went about my business.

how many times have i done that?  bought the whole to have the one gem?  damnit. why do i ask questions when i'm fucking drunk?

better yet, let's ask Maroon 5 to spell it out for me?

"not seeing the rest of you, is getting the best of me... if it's only a fantasy, why is it killing me?"

oh, you silly bastards.. 

i treid to sleep, yeah.. but i couldn't shut my brain up long enough to get to sleep.

oh yeah, the song is real..  what happened to a time when i could have?

Ahh. a misspent youth..  there it is..
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